Lois Kolkhorst Endorsed by DPS Officers Assoc. PAC

Nov 13, 2014

BRENHAM, TX—Today the Lois Kolkhorst Campaign announced the endorsement of the

Department of Public Safety Officers Association Political Action Committee. The Association,

which counts thousands of Texas State Troopers and law enforcement officials among its

members, plays a critical role in advocating for the men and women who put their lives on the

line for their fellow Texans each and every day.


In their endorsement DPSOA President Sgt. Gary Chandler commented, “We believe that

Representative Kolkhorst has a strong record of supporting state employees, law enforcement,

and the state’s commissioned peace officers; and we want to add our voice in recognition of her

efforts to champion these good causes. The work of Representative Kolkhorst to make Texas a

better place is appreciated by us and the DPS officers and employees who are proud members of

the Department of Public Safety Officers Association.”


Representative Kolkhorst thanked the Committee for their endorsement, noting, “The DPSOA

plays a critical role in protecting the lives and livelihood of our troopers, agents, rangers, and a

whole host of law enforcement officers, as well as their families. It’s an honor to have their

endorsement, and I look forward to working with them in the Texas Senate to enact common

sense conservative policies and to secure our border.”


You can sign up to support the Lois Kolkhorst campaign or donate online today.

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