Lois Kolkhorst Endorsed by Governor Rick Perry

Nov 25, 2014

BRENHAM, TX—The Lois Kolkhorst Campaign today announced the endorsement of Governor Rick Perry. Texas’s longest serving governor, Perry has been a conservative champion and oversaw the low-tax, low-regulation policies that have played a part in engendering the “Texas Miracle”. In his endorsement, Perry released the following statement:

“As a hard-working small business owner, Lois Kolkhorst knows the importance of limiting government’s influence on the private sector and understands how to balance budgets. I am proud to support Lois Kolkhorst’s candidacy for the Texas Senate and I am confident in her ability to help keep Texas the nation’s economic engine and model for conservative government.”  — Governor Rick Perry

“I’m honored to have Governor Perry’s support for this critical special election,” commented Kolkhorst. “I’ve fought alongside the Governor for over a decade to advocate for the policies that have made Texas number one in the nation for job creation. Governor Perry’s commitment to securing our border and fighting back against the big government policies of Washington D.C. have been a model for conservatives across the nation, and I’m excited to have his endorsement.

You can sign up to support the Lois Kolkhorst campaign or donate online today.

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