THSC PAC Supports Lois Kolkhorst for Texas Senate in District 18

Nov 16, 2014

Dependable legislators are hard to find. Generally, the closer one gets to power, the easier it is to be corrupted. State Rep. Lois Kolkhorst, running for Texas Senate in SD 18, has proven that there can be exceptions to that rule. As Chair of the Public Health Committee in the House, Representative Kolkhorst held the line when establishment Republicans and left­leaning “conservatives” tried to push Senate Bill 303 through the legislature, a bill that would have overruled parental rights by allowing doctors to issue DNR orders for a patient over the objection of that patient’s family. Representative Kolkhorst has demonstrated the type of integrity and boldness that the Texas Senate needs.

Tim Lambert, Chairman of Texas Home School Coalition PAC, expressed the PAC’s support for Representative Kolkhorst for Texas Senate in district 18 when he stated, “Representative Kolkhorst was there for parents during the 83rd legislative session and was instrumental in defeating Senate Bill 303, one of the most dangerous bills filed in 2013. Lois Kolkhorst has a proven conservative record of fighting for parental rights in Texas. She has fought hard in the Texas House and will be a strong advocate in the Texas Senate.”

You can sign up to support the Lois Kolkhorst campaign or donate online today.

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